BMG Capital in 10 seconds

We are a family owned holding company. Originally from Bulgaria our current business interests span across language service provider, order fulfilment center, real estate, internet and retail. We love alternative investments.

Blockchain and NFT

We believe that blockchain technology can empower communities across the world. Smart contracts, the Metaverse, Web 3.0 and NFTs could be the backbone of the future digital economy. Got a project which will change the world? Let us know.

Start Ups

Every big business was once a small business. We believe in driven individuals with great ideas. We help early stage businesses get access to capital, devise business development and product strategies. Occasionally, we assist with executive positions. Sectors that traditionally appeal to us include fintech, saas, e-commerce and gaming. To partner with us you can send us your pitch deck here.


We are always looking to expand our interests in a mutually beneficial manner. High ethical standards and giving back to local communities are part of our DNA.  Always keen to participate in deals where we can bring value. 

Boutique Consultancy

Occasionally, we provide boutique consultancy and advisory services. Former assignments include establishing EU headquarters for a Russian watch manufacturer, market entry strategy for a crypto player, product development plan for a payment provider, market data cost optimization for a regional bank. The list is long. To find more, drop us a line.

Clean Tech

We love impact investing. Clean tech is an area where we would like to grow our presence and learn from the best in business. An expert? Get in touch.

Our Culture

Innovation. Discipline. Execution focus. Ownership. Smart work. Transparency. We know that an hour spent doing something is more valuable than a day spent strategising.

“> Lets Build something together.